Motorcycle Licence Categories

The Licencing system in the UK can be a little confusing to say the least, below is a brief run down of each licence category, please get in touch if you're unsure what your licence allows you to ride.

Category AM

This is the first type of moped licence. You will have this on your provisional licence when you first apply. If you're 16 or over you can ride 2 (or 3) wheeled vehicles up to 28mph. This covers electric mopeds as well as engine-powered. In order to ride an AM category vehicle as a learner rider you need to complete a CBT. To have a full AM licence you will need to take and pass your motorcycle theory test, as well as the two practical tests in any motorcycle or moped category (AM, A1, A2, A)

Category P

Category P is the 'old' moped category with a slightly higher speed restriction of 32mph. This was superseded by AM in 2013, but if you had P on your licence before this date you will now have both. If you passed your car driving test before February 2001 you automatically gain a full unrestricted category P licence. If you passed your driving test after February 2001 while holding a valid CBT, or completed a CBT while holding a full car driving licence, then you can ride a moped with full entitlement for the life of your licence, but you can't ride anything bigger or faster than 32mph without completing a CBT or full motorcycle/moped licence.

Provisional Category A

Everybody who gets a provisional licence or a full car driving licence will automatically gain a provisional category A licence. Because it's a provisional entitlement it only allows you to ride up to 125cc unsupervised if you hold a valid CBT certificate. You can also ride bigger motorcycles if you're with a qualified instructor in preparation for your test.

Category A1

If you complete CBT then take and pass your motorcycle theory and practical tests on a 125cc machine you'll obtain an A1 licence. This allows you to ride up to 125cc as a full licence holder which means no L plates and you can take passengers. You can do this from the age of 17 on either a manual or automatic bike, though if you take it on an automatic you'll only be allowed to ride automatic bikes on that licence.

Category A2

If you're 19 or over you can take an A2 (restricted test). It's the same test system as the Direct Access (A) licence but you'll take the test on a lower powered bike (maximum 47hp). Once passed you can ride up to 47hp until you take a further test. There are some other rules with A2 bikes and test, please contact us for more information. Here's more information on the A2 licence courses we provide.

Category A

Category A is an unrestricted motorcycle licence. You can gain this in two ways. If you're over 24, have passed your theory and completed a CBT you can take Direct Access Scheme (DAS) tests. Providing you pass both practical tests you'll then have an unrestricted licence. Alternatively if you have held an A2 licence for more than 2 years, you can upgrade to A (progressive access) without needing to wait until you're 24. We provide course for both of these options, check out our full licence courses here.